Hot Flow Yoga

  • description

    This is a dynamic Yoga practise that focuses on strength and flexibility. While following the rhythm of the breath, we will do traditional Asana Yoga postures, as well and strength building exercise. This is what makes Flow Yoga unique and challenging. Prepare to sweat and work hard while still being guided in a safely structured class. Come and have fun while being kind to your mind and body. This class welcomes all levels but suggests that you have taken some yoga classes before attending to feel comfortable with the speed and levels of the postures that are introduced.
  • Priorization of training

    Muscle strength training
  • Duration of the class

    60 or 75 minutes
  • Level of difficulty

    All levels or Intermediate
  • Price

    Included with membership
  • Heated Studio

    32 ํc to 37 ํc

June 21 2018


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