What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy works in combination with the individual’s own homeostatic mechanisms to help restore balance and optimal health. It understands the relationship between structure and function within the body and that all aspects of the body must work together to maintain health. In practice, an osteopathic practitioner will assess the whole body as a unit and not just the area that is causing symptoms. Osteopathy uses a combination of techniques such as joint articulation, myofascial release, visceral and cranial, as appropriate for each individual. The result is that the structure will have less stress placed upon it, allowing for healing and a decrease in pain, while also improving the functional biomechanics throughout the body.


What is Active Release Technique (ART)?

Active Release Technique (ART) is a patented, state of the art soft tissue system, movement based tissue technique “the goal of ART is to restore optimal texture, motion and function of the soft tissue and release any entrapped nerves. This is accomplished through the removal of adhesions or fibrosis in the soft tissue”.


Do I need a doctor's referral?

No, you do not need a referral to visit an osteopath.


What are the goals of Osteopathic Treatments?

Osteopathic treatments removes the underlying cause of pain:

        • Decreases the stress on the joints
        • Reduces tension in the body
        • Relieves tension headaches and migraine headaches
        • Helps the body to adapt to hormonal and structural changes during pregnancy
        • Reduces scars and adhesions
        • Treats trauma resulting from accidents (Sport injuries, motor vehicle injuries)
        • Encourages the body to heal itself
        • Increases circulation
        • Reduces blood pressure


What happens during an Osteopathic Treatment?

Treatments may include a range of stretching, mobilizing and manipulative techniques designed to help restore normal function and to facilitate the body's healing process.


Treatment techniques include:

        • Osteo articular corrections - gentle realignment of the bones
        • Visceral mobilization - gentle mobilization of the organs of the body
        • Cranial osteopathy - gentle movement of the bones of the skull
        • Normalization of myofascial tension restoring normalcy in the muscles and surrounding tissue
        • Muscle energy - creation of muscle relaxation through muscle contraction
        • Strain/counter-strain - method of relaxing and re-positioning joints

Progressive changes result from working at a physical, mental and emotional level.