HIIT Classes (high intensity interval training)

Warrior Workout

This HIIT style class is for those who want to get in shape through intense circuits including functional and cardiovascular exercises for a complete workout. With the ultimate goal of a warrior, you will push your limits at every session as you develop strength, power and stamina! Learn More


Discover this new type of intense and effective functional training for muscle building and overall power as you workout to the rhythms of stimulating House music. Learn More

AM Warrior Workout

A great functional fitness workout dedicated to the early risers! Our training focuses on full body conditioning using mostly your own body's weight, with concentration on full range of motion and joint mobility. You'll learn to push, pull, bounce and pounce by challenging your coordination and reflexes, with calisthenic exercises (pull ups, push ups, squats, dips), body movement (dance, aerobics, combat), and flexibility (yoga, gymnastics).No experience required. All fitness levels invited. Learn More


This class is a fast-paced, 30-minute plyometric-based done in interval format. It combines the principles of plyometrics with agility training to build a more powerful and agile you. This class is for all levels. Learn More

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