Become a Member - Memberships at the MAA

Flexible memberships are currently available at a monthly rate with the option of cancelling at any time, without penalty fees.

Please note that we are moving on August 1, 2019, and that all existing membership options will be replaced. Members are under no obligation to follow us to our temporary locations.

All memberships include a fitness evaluation and an integration (exercise program) that would help you start on the right track!

A hundred classes and activities are also offered with your membership. In addition, the Club offers an à la carte program for non-members to access certain specialized activities. However, it should be noted that becoming a member is the most advantageous choice if you plan to use the Club for more than once a week.

Discover the MAA by following this link to make an appointment and a sales team representative will be happy to contact you. 

We look forward to seeing you soon at the Club!



Joffre Godin
Sales and Membership Director
514 845-2233, ext. 239