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This class is a unique and highly effective stretch and strength class involving exercises evolved from the original works of Joseph Pilates. Perfect for strengthening the abdominals and back. Learn More


Essentrics simultaneously combines dynamic stretching and muscle strengthening to increase your overall strength and flexibility. Based on eccentric strengthening, which stretches the muscles and strengthens them in the elongated position, Essentrics will make your entire body strong, flexible and agile. Learn More

Warm Flow Yoga

Warm Power Flow Yoga is a challenging Vinyasa style class for advanced students. It develops strength, balance and flexibility. The studio is heated slightly to encourage further range of motion. You will be moving constantly through the integration of poses, using movements that target torsion, flexibility, and strength. Learn More

Vinyasa Flow

With a rhythmic and energetic approach to Yoga, this class emphasizes on creating dynamic sequences of postures and linking these “flows” with the breath; integrates self-awareness, alignment and creates a unique balance of strength and flexibility. Learn More

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