March 1, 2019

We would like to provide some clarification about the redevelopment project as we believe there are still some misconceptions about what is happening to the Club. Please note that the MAA is alive and well and with our new redevelopment plan, good for another 100 years.

The transaction with Devimco included the sale of our air rights, not the Club or its location. The future site will include two different entities. The condo and penthouse tower is and will be owned and operated by Devimco and the future MAA building will be owned and operated by MAA Shareholders.

The MAA building, with its current facade intact, will have its own distinct entry (the same as it is now), ventilation and operating system.

The shareholders have reinvested almost the entire proceeds from this transaction to rebuild a brand New MAA and fund the move to temporary relocations to help you stay active and keep some of our key employees.

The shareholders that initially saved the MAA in 1998 have now given the MAA a new life thereby protecting its legacy, ensuring its future and keeping the great history of the Club alive and ready for a new home in the fall of 2021. This project has been made possible by their generosity and Montrealers can be proud to have such support from exemplary citizens.

This summer, we will enter into a 2 year transition period that is a necessary step in order to come back to a new facility that will secure the MAA’s future into the next century.

This temporary disruption still comes with sadness for many of us because of our great attachment to the building and to the Club. Three years ago, we initiated a 5 to 8 year renovation plan because, at the time, that was our only solution. Times change and this new opportunity far outweighs the renovation option that would have had all of us endure dust, noise, and other upheavals for far longer than the current redevelopment plan. In addition, renovations would not have had the same impact or provide the longevity that the redevelopment offers us.

Last month you had received the information on how to be included in a priority list of potential buyers for the condominiums and penthouses in the future MAA building. Having some of you living in this magnificent tower would make your exercise habits simple and effective and it would be a great tribute to the attachment you have for the Club and its location. If you registered for more information with Devimco, please let me know so I can make sure that you are indeed identified in their system as an MAA member and will be prioritized.

We thank you for your loyalty, your great support and your love of the Club.

Pierre Blanchet

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