Collective Art Exhibition

Alexandra Philippa Rupp

Whether it's painting on paper, canvas, cardstock, silk, or even shoes; painting allows me to express my connection with water, my roots, and my inner dialogue.  Such creativity intensifies my lust for life, connects the physical and spiritual elements and moods of day to day experiences, and allows me to share it with others.

Alexandra Philippa Rupp is an artist from Montreal. She is also a trainer at the Club.


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Simon Bachand

Simon Bachand is a Montreal born artist. The subject of his latest collection is Physical Activities, making reference to sports, training and well-being.

Simon worked in the helping field for over 17 years, helping others who were experiencing psychological distress or dealing with a mental illness. Accompanying people and witnessing parts of their journey contributed to his realization of the importance of living life fully, passionately and with mindfulness. One of his goals is to shed light on the beauty and power on the moments that seem ordinary and that are sometimes under-estimated.


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Michel Martino

Born in Montreal, Michel Martino studied painting, drawing and sculpture at Dawson College and Concordia University. He has worked as an assistant with Montreal artists such as Graham Metson, Sylvia Safdie and Murray Macdonald. Michel has shown extensively in Quebec and his work is part of several private collections.


For many years he has been fascinated with the Turcot interchange, this towering, monumental concrete structure with its elegant intertwining curves and arcs. The best way to comprehend its massiveness and raw beauty is by walking in and around the area of the Turcot, as he did for many weeks and months, searching for the most captivating perspectives.


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(514) 815-5125


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