Please join us for a solo exhibition entitled "COME OUTSIDE AND SIT WITH ME"  by the artist, Nicole Gratton at the MAA until July 31, 2019.

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Artist Nicole Gratton won first place in the 125th annual Juried art show of the Women’s Art Association of Montreal, est. 1894. The winning piece, “Heatwave 1930” (Canicule 1930) depicts a series of outdoor vintage chairs by a swimming pool. It evokes the intense heat and the mood that must have taken place at that time.

This led to the production of a series of watercolours portraying a variety of seating in public places. With each arrangement, we are left with the impression of the individuals who have come and gone, and of the exchanges that must have taken place. Each empty chair contains the spirit of conversations that linger long after the people have departed.

Whether you are a participant or an observer, come and see where you might like to sit.


Nicole Gratton is a native Montrealer, both by birth, and through her love of the city. From very young, she always had the desire to draw and to experiment with different artistic techniques. Her first revealing experiments took place in a small glass workshop in Old Montreal in the early 1970s: a tiny oven, glass of all colors, transparency, the superposition of heated glasses…all of this ignited the fire of her creativity.


She pursued various trainings related to the arts over the years: drawing (graphite, sanguine, pastels ...) sculpture (clay, plaster strips on metal skeleton, modeling clay, and papier-mâché), art history, interior design, and more. Sometimes these studies were full-time, but often while in a different field of work.


With retirement coming, she decided to resume her artistic pursuits. She initially chose ink drawing. It is during this training that she discovered the happiness of painting. From there, a transition naturally occurred into watercolor, the medium which, according to her, is the closest to glasswork because of its transparency and luminosity. Over time she began to incorporate ink, graphite, sheet metal, collage. She feels that all paths are valid and open to discovery.

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