Preparing for ski and snowboard season

By MAA Club Sportif

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Winter has arrived and it is time to think about adjusting your workouts to help stay healthy this ski season. 

Most ski or snowboard injuries occur when you are fatigued (the last run of the day or right before lunch).  Adding in some cardio to your program or even progressing your existing cardio work can help your muscles from becoming too fatigued to adjust to poor snow conditions or other skiers around you.  

Here’s an example of a cardio program that you can use for any piece of equipment (treadmill, elliptical, rowers or bike).

  • Ten minute warm-up at light to moderate intensity.
  • One minute moderate to hard intensity followed by 2 minutes of easy intensity.
  • Two minutes of moderate-hard intensity followed by 1 minute of easy; repeat 2-4x’s depending on your level of fitness.
  • Cool down easy intensity for 5-10 minutes.

The most common joint to be injured while skiing is the knee.  It is important to properly train leg and core muscles to enjoy your powder days and stay healthy.

Here are three exercises with progressions that you can add to your workout or even your warm-up at the gym.

If you want more advice on how to stay healthy and fit for your sport of choice, book a session with one of our athletic therapists or personal trainers at the MAA:

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