Specialty Classes (fee applies)


A classical favorite! Learn the basics of classical ballet with movements and exercises that will help strengthen and stretch all the major muscle groups while improving your balance and posture. Learn More


Shake up your workout routine and bring out your inner Diva with this fun and unique class! You will learn how to dance through different sensual movements and choreographies in various styles. Using some glamorous accessories at times, you will feel like the star of the show! Learn More

Aerial Circus: Silk, hammock, trapeze, hoops and straps

Discover this exciting addition to our special class program as you learn and refine the basic techniques of the aerial silk. You will first address safety and the various types of climbs and learn different tricks or figure techniques that will become increasingly complex over the weeks. In every class, you will also carry out specific strengthening exercises that will allow you to progress to more advanced move sequences. The apparatus are hung on pivoting heads up to 24 feet in height, which allows for the execution of spins, front and back balances and wide spiral moves. Learn More


Here is a class that really packs a punch and provides a total emotional release! Our new Boxe-Fit classes combine full body conditioning and boxing fundamentals, in order to maximize both anaerobic and aerobic systems. You will learn and develop the basic techniques of boxing, including footwork, punches, moves and protection. Bag and pad work, mixed with functional exercises and plyometrics, make this the most challenging part of the class. With this method, you will develop strength, power, as well as cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Learn More

Aerial Fitness

Discover the incomparable effectiveness of training against gravity to develop strength, flexibility, stability, balance, coordination and spinal decompression. Learn More


PowerWatts offers a unique cycling experience that allows a group of people to train together in a studio setting at their specific individual intensity. Learn More

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