Personal Trainer

CrossFit Coach
(514) 845-2233 poste 670

Level 3 ($70/session + tax. Packages available.)

Alexandra Rupp

Academics and Certifications

  • Concordia, B.F.A
  • Certified: CrossFit L1 and L2; CanFit Pro; KettleBells; Dragon Boat Canada; Reebok Cycle; YogaFit
  • Fédération d'Haltérophilie du Québec

Sports History

  • Triathlon
  • Dragon Boat
  • Weightlifting


  • General Training/sports conditioning
  • Weight Loss
  • Swimming technique
  • Weightlifting


  • At the MAA since 2015


  • Alexandra believes that anything worth doing is worth doing well.  Becoming fit has nothing to do with luck: you make your own fitness and if you are dedicated, consistent, smart about it, and unrelenting in your will to progress, you will succeed.  Alexandra will get you to tap into your fitness potential.