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Level 4 ($75/session + tax. Packages available.)

Dorys Langlois

Academics and Certifications

  • Sherbrooke University, B.Sc. Kinesiology
  • Certified naturotherapist, SPNQ
  • Certified Track And Field Trainer – National Program, PNCE
  • Certified Pose Method® of Running (coach)
  • Cross country ski instructor (CANSI)
  • Training in Cardiopulmonary Readaptation
  • Exercise specialist (American College of Sports Medicine)
  • Training in Contract/Relax Stretching
  • Training in ‘’Myo-faciaux’’ Stretching
  • Continuing education of kinesiology program

Sports History

  • Marathon running
  • Distance runner


  • Cardio training
  • Running


  • At Club Sportif MAA since 1999


  • I would like to get as many members to see training as a priority, a way to live longer and better!