Aerial Circus: Silk, hammock, trapeze, hoops and straps

  • description

    Discover this exciting addition to our special class program as you learn and refine the basic techniques of the main aerial disciplines. You will first address safety and the various types of climbs and learn different tricks or figure techniques that will become increasingly complex over the weeks. In every class, you will also carry out specific strengthening exercises that will allow you to progress to more advanced move sequences. The apparatus are hung on pivoting heads up to 24 feet in height, which allows for the execution of spins, front and back balances and wide spiral moves.

    Aerial Circus classes (4 disciplines) are ideal for those looking to experience and learn the basics of each of these different specialty classes. Depending on the strength level and skills of the participants, the emphasis may be on one or two disciplines in particular, making this an ideal choice for beginners.

    For classes targeting one or two specialties in particular, the emphasis will be on one or both of the indicated disciplines mentioned in the title. However, to facilitate learning, developing strength and progressions, there may be other apparatus that will be used, such as the hammock.
  • Priorization of training

    Muscle strength training
  • Duration of the class

    75 minutes
  • Level of difficulty

    All levels
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April 15 2021


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