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Get the most out of your workouts while riding in a live interactive group environment.

By following your specifically tailored programs in PowerWatts, you will exceed your goals because they are based directly on your potential!

PowerWatts offers a unique cycling experience that allows a group of people to train together in a studio setting at their specific individual intensity.  Our coaches assess the power, positioning, and technique of each participant. From this data, they establish target intensities that everyone should maintain in group training.

This method, used by certain professional cycling teams, is ideal in preparation for an outdoor cycling season. It is also great for developing cardiovascular qualities with intense intervals and being on a bike makes it low impact exercise.

Our PowerWatts studio at the new MAA will include eight bikes.

Our temporary studio, with 4 bikes, is found at our Omni location, at 1050 Sherbrooke Street, W. The fall 2021 session will begin in October.

To be placed on a pre-registration list for fall 2021 or for more information, contact Nathalie Lambert at

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