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Aquatic Program

The new 25-meter long swimming pool at the MAA has three wide lanes for lap swimming.

A complete schedule of activities and classes will allow all swimming enthusiasts to find what they are looking for.

Located on the rooftop of the Club, the pool will have a magnificent private terrace where members can go to relax after a workout or have a drink under the sun. No other place is comparable in downtown Montreal.

Our Red Cross swim programs for children/youth programs and our swimming and triathlon clubs will allow young and old to swim in the comfort of a modern rooftop swimming pool. An adjacent hot tub will provide the ultimate in relaxation after a stressful day.

In the meantime, our exterior swimming pool at the Omni Hotel will allow members to swim throughout the summer and fall 2021. It will be possible to swim and practice other regular aquatic activities, as well as using the large terrace to relax and lay in the sun.

Omni Pool Operating Hours:
7:00 am – 7:00 pm          Monday to Friday
9:00 am – 3:00 pm          Saturday and Sunday


True to its tradition of excellence, the new MAA will bring back competitive teams in several disciplines, including swimming. The Masters Swim program offers structured training for participants of all swimming levels.  Partaking in friendly competitions within its members and against swimmers from other clubs in the area is also included. Masters Swim is a great choice for those who simply love being in a group environment for the fun and motivating social aspect of the program.

In the new pool of the MAA, not only is lap swimming available but Aquarobics group classes will also be offered. This class is recommended for all those who want to target muscle building and cardiovascular training, but without impact and lifting weights. If you love water, these classes are unrivaled for releasing the stress of gravity on your joints and being highly effective at cardiovascular level.

For more information about our Aquatic Program, contact Chelsea Troy at

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