Personal Training

Our team of specialists is here to help you achieve your health goals in a more efficient, simple, and fun manner.

Our team of expert trainers is there for you and can help you to:

  • Maximize your efforts and the time you have available by making all your workouts effective.
  • Get a personalized program to help you meet all your health and fitness goals.
  • Ensure that you master the basic techniques of weight training movements so that you can progress safely and protect your joints.
  • Increase your training knowledge by giving you several versions of the same exercise and several exercises targeting the same muscle group.
  • Better define your objectives so that they are both realistic and motivating.
  • Be successful in your health and wellness approach.
  • Lose weight or gain muscle mass.
  • Have a nutritious, balanced and healthy diet.

For more information, please contact Francis Bradette, Sales and Operations Director.

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Health Club management software