MAA Community

We are the MAA Community!

Because we believe that beyond physical form, health also depends on the bond of belonging that unites us with those who share our workouts. Our community is inclusive and respectful regardless of your fitness level or activity level. The pleasure of training and surpassing oneself reflects the joy of being together to accomplish a common goal: this feeling of well-being and unique pride.

Martha Harrison

Honorary member of MAA Club Sportif

The biggest difference between a sports club and a gym is the special bond that develops with members over time. At the MAA, we are pleased to have several members who have visited us regularly for several decades. They are extraordinary people, and we are always very proud to count them among our loyal members.

Martha visits the Club on regular basis and has been participating in many of our group classes since 1999. She attends and is involved in most of our social events as well… As an established importer of boutique wine and spirits, Martha works with the Club to introduce our members to exclusive products at select tastings and other special occasions.

What charms us the most about Martha is her kindness towards the entire MAA team and her ever-present good humour, even when she gives her all like during Spin classes! Completely committed and enthusiastic, she brings great joie de vivre with each of her visits and has done so for over 20 years.


Staff in the spotlight

This month, we’d like to recognise our Front Desk Receptionist, Mara Macri, for her exceptional kindness and generosity.

Mara is without a doubt one of our employees who is most appreciated by our members. Every weekday, beginning at 7 a.m., she welcomes everyone with a big smile and is always in a great mood and mindful to your needs. In terms of dependability and energy, she is unrivalled. Mara is always looking for ways to improve your experience. Be it in our previously spacious Club or currently at our smaller interim location, there is no difference in her mind set.

From the moment she arrived at the Club, Mara distinguished herself by her professionalism and her special attention to each guest. She has personalized greetings for members who come to the Club regularly, as well as staff, and it makes one feel like home, thanks to her unique approach.

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