Aerial Fitness

A unique class to develop your strength and flexibility.

Using subtle movements and sequences, Aerial Fitness is unrivaled for gaining core and upper body muscle strength.

This circus-inspired aerial class serves to develop functional strength and flexibility in a unique way that is completely different from anything in the group fitness class industry. Sequences include circus fitness exercises with pull-ups, inversion spins, somersaults, jumps, balance boards and several other simple and fun movements and figures.

A suspended hammock is used while executing tricks and exercises using your body weight to develop overall strength, balance, and coordination. This class is incomparable for gaining core and upper body muscle strength.

Download the information flyer on our Aerial Circus and Aerial Fitness classes (PDF).

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Our Experts

Janika Fortin is a multidisciplinary circus artist from Montreal, specializing in Cyr wheel and aerial arts..(..)

For Caroline, the circus is above all a great passion for athletic and artistic movement. It's.(..)
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