Aerial Circus

You'll never want to touch the ground again with this unique training experience!

Aerial circus training builds strength and flexibility and is adapted for beginner and intermediate levels alike!

Aerial circus classes take place in La Palestra, a brand new functional studio that has a 20-ft ceiling fitted with anchoring heads for the use of silks, hammocks, swings, straps, ropes and more.

Try your hand in aerial circus training – it is excellent for strength and flexibility. We offer quality classes taught by professionals in the following disciplines: silk, smooth rope, hammock, trapeze, hoop and straps. We offer four sessions per year and participants are required to register for a session in a specific time slot as there is a progression of content. We have beginner and intermediate groups. To register in the intermediate class, you must have already attended aerial circus classes at the MAA or elsewhere.

Each class includes specific strengthening exercises while learning increasingly complex figures and sequences. Participants learn the basics on all the different apparatuses but can later choose the disciplines they prefer.

Download the information flyer on our Aerial Circus and Aerial Fitness classes (PDF).


For more information, contact Nathalie Lambert at

Our Experts

Janika Fortin is a multidisciplinary circus artist from Montreal, specializing in Cyr wheel and aerial arts..(..)

For Caroline, the circus is above all a great passion for athletic and artistic movement. It's.(..)
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