Covid-19 : Health Measures


Proof of full vaccination is required to gain access to the Club and reservations are obligatory for all visits and participation in classes.

If you have Covid-19 symptoms, even mild ones, or if you have been in contact with an infected
person, or if you are in quarantine following a trip, access to the Club is not allowed.

Please join us in-person or in virtual mode with over 160 group classes per month and with access to a wide variety of recorded classes. Visit our In-Person and Virtual class pages for more information.

The health, safety and well-being of our members and employees remain our top priorities.

We would like to assure you that we are taking all the proper health measures for the reopening of our Club facilities to ensure a safe and pleasant environment for all. More than ever, we are counting on everyone’s full support to help make these important procedures a success. Following are our measures and guidelines in preventing the spread of Covid-19 at our facilities.

MAA at the Omni – Club and outdoor pool

  1. Access to the Club or the pool is not allowed without booking a reservation via our application.
  2. Wearing a mask is mandatory in the corridors and locker rooms, but not needed during weight
    and cardio training.
  3. Members and visitors must disinfect their hands upon arrival to the Club.
  4. Physical distancing of two metres is required at all times throughout the Club and pool area.
  5. Maximum capacity of each room must be respected at all times.
  6. Every equipment must be wiped down immediately after each use.
  7. Upon arrival to the Club, three towels will be handed out to members/visitors. One is to be used for personal use, one is for the shower and the last one is for wiping down equipment along with a disinfectant, which is also provided. 
  8. Used towels must be placed in the bins provided.

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