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Salim Kadirzada

“There’s no age for working on muscle building.”

Competitive sports and training have been part of Salim’s life since his early age.  He was playing volleyball at a national level and becoming a trainer was a natural path as he is passionate about health and fitness for all ages.

Combining strength training with high-intensity workouts, Salim believes that effective results can be obtained in strength, endurance and weight loss.

His confidence and effectiveness as a trainer in helping people reach their goals comes from years of experience and education. He has a bachelor of science degree and a strong athletic background in soccer, volleyball and weight training, and has been involved in the fitness industry since 1994.


Personal Trainer Level 3
Getting in shape
Interval training (weight loss)
Circuit training
Core strengthening
Muscle mass gain
Flexibility improvement

Training and certifications

Concordia, B.Sc. Certified Master P.T ASFA
Certified Specialist P.T Can fit Pro
Certified Individual Conditioning Y du Québec

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