Latin Groove

This class is your weekly rendezvous with the tropics! You’ll learn to dance to the most popular and dynamic rhythms of Brazil and the Caribbean, such as the samba, salsa, merengue and more. Highly effective for cardiovascular training, this class will also to strengthen your booty and waistline. A "must" to discover! Learn More

Cardio Mix

This class is an hour-long non-stop dancing extravaganza for an intense and fun cardiovascular workout! You will move to the beat of an assortment of musical styles where being be a master dancer is not required; only someone who craves a perfect mix of intensity and pleasure. Learn More

Total Barre

Come tone and sculpt your body by strengthening your muscles with this barre training class that is totally ballet inspired. You will work all your muscle groups, including your abdominals, in addition to improving your posture and endurance. An amazing workout… you’ll feel it the next day! Learn More

Barre Sculpt

This class is a full-body workout that incorporates the barre and a variety of equipment from elastics to balls. Pilates and dance inspired exercises focus on lengthening, strengthening and developing the control and posture of the dancer in you. This class can done with or without workout shoes. Learn More

Functional Barre

This class is a fun and efficient training method where the basics come from ballet, and strength training with the Liebert Equalizer bars. It allows for overall strength force, flexibility, coordination and balance development. One portion of the class is done with the Equalizers and one is done with the ballet barres. Learn More

Latin & Urban Cardio Mix

This class is the perfect mix of musical styles that allows the dancer in you to come alive! Offering a complete and effective cardiovascular and muscular workout, this class is a must to discover! Learn More

Cardio Danse

Dance with us for fitness and fun. In this class, you will burn lots of calories while dancing to the rhythms of retro, Latin, pop, lindy hop and more. What an inspiring way to move! Learn More

Functional rhythm

This class offers a series of movements that target muscle strengthening, posture, flexibility and range of motion. Learn More

Latin Party

This cardio latin dance format is a High energy fitness class that will put you in a party mood. You will enjoy dancing while experiencing a great cardio workout! Learn More

Dance Fiesta

A fun and funky music dance marathon and a complete blast to get your heart rate up and your muscles working! All kinds of dance styles are performed; from ballroom to Latin, from country to hip-hop and even ballet. This is your ultimate weekend party… Learn More

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