Tone your body and improve your flexibility!

Inspired by the original Joseph Pilates method.

The MAA’s Pilates and Pilates BOSU sessions offer a unique training method derived from Joseph Pilates’ original method. If you’re looking for a way to tone all parts of your body, but focus more on the muscles that surround the entire abdominal belt, this class is ideal for you! Working your deep muscles will help you improve posture, reduce chronic pain and gain strength. The BOSU version offers an interesting variation for those who want even more core muscle engagement.

FOCUS AREAS: Muscle strengthening and flexibility

LENGTH OF CLASS: 55-60 minutes

LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: All levels, recommended for beginners and ideal for seniors

"The instructor gives clear and precise explanations; their anatomical and technical knowledge means that every class that they give are hyper-relevant. These classes are a necessity for my well-being."

Amélie Pellerin

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Chantal has over 40 years of experience as a professional dancer, choreographer and instructor. Her passion.(..)

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