Exclusive edition of the maagazine 2023

By MAA Club Sportif

Located in Montreal, the MAA Club Sportif brings together several generations of athletes united in the same desire to push their limits. MAA members carry on the tradition of excellence that the Club has been known for since 1881.

To celebrate the 142 years of existence and the opening of the newly rebuilt MAA in the summer of 2023, we have produced our commemorative MAAgazine that is a tribute to the Club’s unique sporting history and a preview of its new chapter that will begin very soon.

Few members know that the MAA is one of the oldest sports clubs in North America that is still in operation. Other than banking institutions, there aren’t many establishments that can boast of more than 100 years of existence. At 142 years old, the Club is older than the automobile, the gramophone, the television, the first Kodak, X-rays, the airplane and so many other inventions of the last century.

The new MAA will welcome you to 50,000 square feet of perfectly designed space to socialize and train. In addition to the large fitness center and the X-Zone (functional) area, the Club also has two squash courts, a 25m pool and a terrace.

In addition, seven spacious studios will offer a comprehensive group fitness program with over 150 weekly group classes:

  • Tempo Studio for dance, barre and sculpt classes,
  • Serenity Studio with a more Zen atmosphere for yoga, Pilates and stretching classes,
  • Palestra for HIIT, bootcamp and aerial circus classes,
  • Vélo City for spinning classes,
  • PowerWatts studio for cycling training,
  • Espace Pilates studio,
  • Arène studio for boxing classes and other specialized programming.

To make your visit even more enjoyable, there are also locker rooms complete with sauna and steam bath.  There is also a whirlpool and a relaxation room, as well as the restaurant and the sports medicine clinic.

Not to mention each and every one of our employees, who put in a lot of effort to make your visits the highlight of your day and help you create a dependence of which you will be most proud.

Please take the time to browse through our MAAgazine to learn more about the history of your second home, the people who brought it to life and also discover all that will be available to you as of the summer of 2023.

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