A class that allows you to combine all the benefits of interval training.

This 45-minute class is for every type of rider.

Intervals spinning class is a structured interval training with a mix of shorter and longer intervals, and the occasional Tabata (with countdowns) to keep things spicy. The intervals always match the music and the music is hand-picked to motivate and inspire! Prepare to sweat.

FOCUS AREAS: Cardiovascular and muscle strengthening

LENGTH OF CLASS: 45 minutes


Our Experts

Dominic is an entrepreneur with an extroverted and very competitive personality! In 2013, triathlon came into.(..)

Tony Singelis

For over 40 years, Tony has been involved in several areas related to fitness. He has.(..)

Nathalie is a four-time Olympic medalist in short track speed skating, with two golds in Albertville,.(..)

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